The importance of ME Time with ‘Monat.’

It’s April! That means I can officially wear flip flops, bring out the sunnies and probably should shave my legs too. However, hairy legs aside, April is also the start of National Stress Awareness month.

Throughout April experts aim to raise awareness and discuss the causes and impact stress can have on our mind and body. They will also be giving us tips on how we can relieve our stress.

I think as parents we can all agree that kids.cause.STRESS!  Just the everyday hassle of School runs, tantrums, sibling fights, cooking, cleaning, nap times are all enough to drive me to have an absolute ‘Mum-mare.’

When I get stressed I feel exhausted, have a complete lack of energy or interest in anything, feel like my life is falling apart at something fairly trivial and I’m unable to focus on anything or make decisions of any scale.  Sound familiar? You’re not alone my friend, us parents are all in the same very rocky boat.

But what can we do to relieve these feelings? …..ME TIME of course!

I know, I know, who has a whole section of free time in the day to dedicate to themselves? I mean does sneaking upstairs for a solo wee count? Or the 5 seconds peace you get when shut the car door and walk round to the drivers seat count?

NO, IT DOES NOT! We need proper quality time to unwind.

For me its taking a long hot shower and bringing out the posh shampoo! I have recently had the pleasure of being given some beautiful luxury shampoo from Monat, an American company who are currently branching out into the UK. After a consultation I was advised the ‘Revive Shampoo, ’Smoothing Deep Conditioner’ and ‘Blow Out Cream’ would be best suited to my thin hair. The package arrived so quickly too and I couldn’t wait to use it. So far I love how full my hair feels and so I will leave a link to Monat’s site and Instagram if you are interested. FYI: There are no toxic ingredients too! Yeyy!

But apart from taking a “proper shower” what else can you do to ensure you have some time to relax? If you need inspiration and fancy pinching some ideas then I have also teamed together with my fellow blogger pals to ask what they enjoy doing to relax.

Vicky Hall – Newman at

“Going away on holiday with my friend, getting drunk, being irresponsible, relaxing and having no worries.”

Kate Mai –Lyn at

“It sounds really boring but after being submerged in kiddyland all day every day its nice to turn on the news and listen to a debate about serious issues and events.”

Laura Warner at

“Once a month I go for a massage and every few weeks get my nails done. I love it, peace and quiet and some time to relax.”

Pamela Lorimer at

“Getting away for a night every few months with my husband. Its so important not to forget who you are.”

Victoria Sully at

“Going to the gym and having one hour free knowing they are safely looked after in the crèche is my kid free de stressing hour every week.”

Jacqueline O’Connor at

“Meeting up with friends, enjoying a few glasses of fizz and catch up with the girls”

Hayley Muncey at

“Drinking hot tea and sitting with a book and switching off.”

So whether it be having a wild girly night or some quiet time and abit of breathing space make sure you make time for you!

Happy De Stressing!

Love Kathryn, A Mum Like Me xxx


Refs: Monat – I received free products from Monat but all opinions on the product are my own.

National Stress Awareness


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