A letter to my ‘husband’ on Mother’s Day

Ok, ok! So firstly he’s not actually my husband but “father to my children” sounded a bit …distant and “boyfriend” makes me feel about 15, so i’m going with husband. (Who knows, maybe he will like the sound of it?)

Anyway, Dear Hubby, (I could get used to this!) there are two major things in life that drive me to have one of my “mum mares.”  Extreme MESS and tantrums!

Mother’s Day usually causes both these and I’ll tell you why.

Now, don’t get me wrong, i’m not an ungrateful cow and I love the idea of my sweet boys lovingly trying to spread sticky jam onto toast and walk steadily upstairs with hot coffee on a tray whilst I have a well deserved lie in.

However, (here she goes!) the reality is that I don’t eat Jam and so instead, id find myself bleary eyed, staring into a bowl of soggy coco pops with half a cup of luke warm coffee thrust under my nose at 6am on a Sunday. Thanks, but no thanks.

Whilst you would be preparing the above culinary delight, I would have been curled up, gritting my teeth at the sound of milk splatting on my kitchen floor and cereal being crunched under foot as you fight with Henry over who should carry the tray. You inevitably loose the argument with him, (no idea where he gets his stubbornness from?!) which is what would lead to my coffee being sploshed over the ‘not so beige anymore’ carpet.

Once downstairs I would find myself wiping a mixture of milk and co co pops off the bottoms of my bare feet whilst Henry would still be crying over the tray incident. All before 7am too! MESS AND TANTRUMS.

Instead, il make it really easy for you.

I will do all of the usual mum sh*t I do everyday and in return I only require two really simple things.

Firstly, a hot full cup of coffee that hasn’t been microwaved to its former hot self several times.

Secondly and lastly…. Time.  I know we do try to go out places with the kids on a Sunday and we always have a great day but on Mothers Day I don’t want to plan and execute a big day out. Nor do I want the stress and fuss of a meal out surrounded by other mums desperately trying to keep kids happy in order to fulfill a picture perfect Mothers Day.

Instead, let’s just set aside some time to watch the boys play together and laugh with them in our home because time is so precious and time with you and my boys is everything I could ever want on Mothers Day.

PS.Gifts are still welcomed.

Love Kathryn, A Mum Like Me xxx


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