10 Signs you are parenting through a heat wave!

  • The realisation and lack of supplies – You’ve heard the rumours but nothing is set in stone until you check your weather app. Seeing a list high 20’s for the remainder of the week you come to realise WE HAVE NOTHING! No one has any summer clothes, suncream hasn’t been bought, last years swimming pool is still stuck together with ice cream with a layer of dust over the top. Plus its currently situated right at the back of the shed. (It needs to be situated in the bin though.) A Panic buy happens.. a weeks wage disappears along with all sanity.


  • Kids HATE Suncream – Have you ever tried to suncream a toddler? The process take 15 minutes every 2 hours and involves a wrestling match and a tantrum that lasts 25 minutes that can only be diffused with an ice lolly.


  • Ice Lollies – God forbid you ever RUN OUT!!


  • You plan activities based on how much shade there will be – The metal on the slide is scorching and sand seems to coat a freshly suncreamed toddler like the rainbow sugar they dip ice cream in. So the shaded patio at home with lce lollies on tap and playing with the hose pipe seems to be a daily winner!


  • You will do approximately 3 loads of washing a day and feel like a laundry goddess each time you peg out. (Ive even pegged out at night so its dry by morning!) Down side is your dinning room table now resembles a clothes shop.


  • Gin – It seems to perfectly acceptable to swap an afternoon brew for a pink Gin and lemonade. The school run doesn’t seem so bad with Gin in the veins!


  • Its practically impossible to get a baby to sleep in the heat. Not only is it still light and they ARE knackered but they are now hot, sweaty and tossing and turning. The fan excites them and they can hear older kids still playing out. You imitate sleep by laying down on the floor next to the cot, fall asleep before the baby and wake up confused wondering if you’ve missed Love Island.


  • You realise you should have been into gardening and decide that tonight is the night! Pin at least 50 garden design ideas on pinterest throughout the day and plan to execute these garden plans once the kids are asleep. However the world cup and Love Island take up 4 hours so you decide it might be cooler tomorrow….knowing full well that wont happen either.


  • Start googling family holidays, start off checking how much a long weekend in spain would be and end up planning a 2 week Disney cruise round the Caribbean islands for £11,000. Absolutely no chance! Instead buy a new patio set to go with the garden ideas that are still in your head and not in the garden.


  • Realise it wont last forever and feel abit sad L Repeat everything above until the first sign of rain then complain that its not hot!

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